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Combating GPS spoofing is difficult—however you’ll no less than hit upon it

This demonstration of GPS/GNSS spoofing presentations a semi-autonomous automotive being misled into taking the incorrect street.

Lately on the IAA (Global Motor Display) in Frankfurt, Regulus Cyber introduced a brand new software-only GPS spoof detection product. This product, Pyramid GNSS, is what the corporate used to be hyping when it carried out a Pied Piper attack on a Tesla Style S this June.

Regulus Cyber demonstrated the brand new product, Pyramid GNSS, to us the day past by way of Internet convention from the IAA. Pyramid GNSS used to be operating on a Linux-powered computer with GPS receiver and effectively intercepted spoofed GNSS indicators coming from any other computer with a software-defined radio a couple of ft away. An iPhone in the similar room picked up the spoofed GPS indicators and erroneously confirmed itself using down a close-by freeway. However the computer operating Pyramid—which had a replica of what gave the impression to be Google Maps operating—remained desk bound.

You must acknowledge what this resolution is not, in fact. Pyramid GNSS does now not allow a secure device to get right kind positioning information when its GPS receiver is being spoofed—it simply prevents the device from believing and performing at the false information.

In the actual international, you’ll have a look at this as downgrading a real GPS hack to a easy denial of carrier. A navigation device secure through Pyramid GNSS would now not be misled through false GPS information, however it nonetheless don’t have get right of entry to to actual GPS information both. One of these navigation device could be compelled to make do with its different sensors (cameras, accelerometers, inertial navigation) so long as the spoofed sign used to be concentrated on it.

There unfortunately isn't much to see here—"additional parameters" does not a system diagram make.
Enlarge / There sadly is not a lot to peer right here—”further parameters” does now not a device diagram make.

Regulus Cyber

Regulus is, sadly, enjoying its playing cards extraordinarily with regards to the vest in the case of how the device works. “We’ve got discovered methods to understand anomalies between legit GNSS indicators and spoofed indicators through researching the differences within the satellite tv for pc indicators protocol and spotting the inter-relationships between sign parameters,” CTO and co-founder Yoav Zangvil explains within the press unlock; this and the device diagram equipped to Ars do not upload as much as a lot past “this works.” The video demonstration used to be convincing, then again, each in its minor frustrations (the unprotected iPhone used to be sluggish to recognize the spoofed GPS sign and start “shifting”) in addition to its successes.

Ars asked a take a look at equipment, however Regulus Cyber’s legal professionals denied it because of considerations round “instructing any individual to hack GPS.” Assuming Pyramid GNSS holds up below extra rigorous, hands-on checking out—and Regulus can persuade OEMs to license it—its software-only nature must lend itself to simple, popular adoption, specifically in Android and different Linux-based units.

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